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TMark Conseils

Get to know us

TMark is a European Intellectual Property consulting firm and member of the French National Association of Intellectual Property Attorneys (CNCPI) created in 1993.

The team, which today consists of 25 staff members, of which 4 partners, has since been committed to the demands of quality service and close relationships with its clients. Every contributor prioritizes understanding the stakes of its clients, whether they are individuals or large international groups.

TMark exercises its expertise in:

  • the elaboration of intellectual property strategies
  • the application procedures
  • dispute resolution
  • audit and assessment of portfolios of rights

TMark intervenes internationally.
It has on its side a global network of staff selected on the basis of their skills and involvement.

Our profession

Consulting, support and research…

We accompany our clients to protect their intellectual property rights, in France and internationally. TMark evaluates all solutions to provide depending on the needs of its clients.

We identify the protection needs and the territorial extent the best suited to the activities of our clients. The complexities of administrative procedures require support from our team throughout the procedure. The territorial or national specifications are therefore carefully taken into consideration.

Audit, strategic consulting and evaluation

We defend and evaluate the intellectual property rights, audits and development of creation strategies of intellectual values.

Respecting rights

TMark develops and defines all actions relating to respecting intellectual property.
In the event of disputes, we undertake legal action, oppositions or negotiations according to the situations.

Our expertise

Strategic expertise

  • Clearance searches on the existence of prior trademarks, designs and models, corporate names, domain names
  • Applications
  • Trademark monitoring and
  • Evaluation of the intellectual property rights
  • Audit and elaboration of intellectual property strategies
  • Reservation of domain names
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Training and raising awareness of the marketing teams in companies faced with the stakes of intellectual property

Legal, judicial and resolution of disputes expertise

  • Procedures for opposition, invalidity, cancellation
  • Counterfeit, Seizure for counterfeit
  • Unfair competition
  • Coexistence transactions and agreements
  • Acquisition

Economic expertise

  • Coexistence negotiation and drafting of contracts: transfer, license, franchise, co-ownership, distribution, agreement...
  • Evaluation of the intellectual property portfolios

Fields of intervention

  • trademarks
  • Designs
  • Copyrights
  • Know-how and trade secrets
  • Soleau Envelopes
  • Designations of origin
  • Internet
  • Domain names
  • Social networks
  • Counterfeiting
  • Evaluation

Our values

We are proud to confirm that the philosophy at the origin of the creation of TMark has been able to rally clients and contributors that have remained loyal to our values over the years.

The ethical requirement

To undertake to do the best to protect the interests of our clients is first of all to ensure that we offer them the bests strategies at the best price. And it is above all to do it strictly respecting the ethical rules: an absolute professional confidentiality and no conflicts of interest.

Reactivity for discipline

Often, the protection procedures are a race against time, which makes our availability essential to the success of your action. For this purpose, we have implemented an “internal communication” based on continuous exchanges and an enhanced versatility of the team by providing them all with shared expertise.

The closeness of our commitment

Listening, dialog, exchange....are the key words that guide the relationship that we maintain with our clients. By making ” constantly paying attention to your needs” our guideline, we are able to adapt your projects and provide you with tailored advice. We are convinced that without this personalized relationship, no sustainable and trusting relationship can be established.

In this regard, our extranet access enabling our clients to remain permanently in contact with their resources will be entirely upgraded between now and the 1st quarter of 2023.

The opening as horizon

Because nothing is permanent except change and the domain of creation is the most blatant example, we are constantly faced with changes in the world around us. Obviously, for the benefit of our clients but also because that is what constantly pleases us in this profession.


We intervene in all countries of the world that have intellectual property legislation.
We accompany our clients in the extension of the protection of their rights, as well as in dispute resolution.

For that, the firm relies on correspondents:

- Organized in a network, in every country in the world
- Selected according to their skills and involvement
- And loyal to the TMark ethic…